First things first...

Most of the MacDonald family: Peter, Mom, Dad, Me, Philip (David's missing) on a hiking trip to the mountains of Norway & Sweden this past summer.

Me and my friend Petra at a Midsommar party in Sweden. :)

Well, I decided to try the blogging thing...
I have family and friends around the world, particularly in Sweden, and it may be easier to keep in touch with them and let them in on my life.

Hoppas att livet går bra för vännerna i Sverige! :) Jag ska försöka skriva på svenska och engelska så att man kan förstå.

My name is Sara and I have grown up on the Cape in the States. I recently graduated from Gordon College where I played 4 years of lacrosse and loved it. Now, it's back to reality, WORKING for a living. In my spare time I play hockey, coach girl's lacrosse, volunteer at www.ababycenter.org , teach Sunday School, pound pavement (run), ski, read, and lots of other things...

Background: Lagom, the title of my blog homepage - it's a Swedish word that has no comparable translation in the English language.
Lagom = just right, just enough, adequate, är det lagom (is this enough?)
- I want "lagom" to be a description of my blog. Just right.


Hannah said...

Hi Sarah!!!
Whats up? I hope u find a job.Well i hope to see u soon! Bye.

Anonymous said...

snygg blogg

Anonymous said...

Tja ! just blogg hare bra
puss o kram