a picture is worth a thousand words

I came across this picture on wikipedia when looking into the origin of the saying "A picture is worth a thousand words".

Have you ever thought about the other way around? A thousand words is worth but one picture? This past weekend I started, and almost finished a book, Infidel, written by Ayaan Hirsi Ali. It has me captivated. Ayaan lived in more countries than most people will see in a lifetime. She endured and she persevered. She is a picture of success. Her book contains few pictures, however through thousands of words she painted a picture of her life in Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, Kenya and the Netherlands.

I want to start reading more often and when I find books such as this, I am reminded of how much I ENJOY reading. When you read, you learn, when you learn, anything is possible.

One of my goals on my list is to read 26 books within a period of 52 weeks. I'm slowly working toward the goal. This will be another book to add to my list of books read. If you are interested in: feminism, women's rights, religion, different cultures (besides American), psychology, politics, Africa, Islam - this is an eye-opening book to read.

It has been intriguing to follow Ayaan as she chronicles her life: struggles, education, travels and her hunger to learn and decide for herself what she believes.

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