rain on game day...

the pats have done it again... au contraire to what critics have thought... and we were there to witness it!!

(I'm supporting Brady, I mean he is married to a super model! But, this is before changing to a Meriweather fan, more on that below! Matt is sporting the 00 with his last name on the back and Christine is supporting the team by showing her appreciation for the coach!)
Caleb and me - we're BOTH sporting the QB look :)

On a rainy Sunday morning, Caleb and I piled into my car loaded down with a canopy (for our post game grillfest), Patriots jerseys, hot dogs, hamburgers, cookies, and other goodies. Our destination, Patriot Place! We stopped in Brookline to pick up Christine and her load of yummy food and onward to Foxboro. Upon our arrival, we met up with Matt, Caleb's best friend from childhood, Bill, and Joy. We headed to the stadium to cheer on our beloved Pats, rain gear included!
During the game, I saw a few people bearing some yummy treats - fried dough, or for you southerners... funnel cake. I excused myself and headed toward the food stands to pick up the delicous delicacy. To my dismay, I couldn't find it ANYWHERE. Caleb's a popcorn fan, so I decided to grab a large container of popcorn and a drink. The server takes the cap off my bottle and won't give it back! Apparently it's stadium policy to not allow caps... we may hurt someone? What is this world coming to. Well, I trudge back to the stadium, and on my journey, yes it was a journey carrying my large popcorn and capless drink, I see a guy who is busy putting sugar and cinnamon on his FRIED DOUGH at the condiment counter. "Excuse me, where did you get that?" He points to the window behind him. I thank him profusely and head to the counter. "One fried dough please!" a silly grin plastered on my face. Of course, I head back to the condiment counter and dump powdered sugar and cinnamon on my fried dough and maneuver back to my seat. I make it back, no popcorn spillage and, more importantly, no dropping of the fried dough. I settle in my seat to enjoy the game with my fried dough and pass the popcorn along to others... (sorry, I forgot the photo-op of fried dough... for those that know me... usually there's photo showing how much I enjoy the delish dessert - see below- Caleb and Sara dining on dough at Six Flags)It was an exciting game and a fabulous win AND I got my fried dough :) Also, I have decided that I enjoy watching #31, Brandon Meriweather. Before the music that boomed from the stadium speakers stopped and before the play started, he would DANCE on the field, and encourage the fans to get into it!! I did find out he's ONE year YOUNGER than me! It's strange to think that the players are my age...
We stayed until the stadium was almost empty and headed back to our car for some tail-gating! We busted out the grill, hamburgers, hot dogs, steak, potato salad, chips, salsa, guacamole, drinks, etc. It was rainy, it was wet, but we had fun and didn't have to sit in traffic!! Sorry, no post game tailgating photos...

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