vacation: cape cod

after our escapades with the jock family, caleb and I ventured to the Cape. my brother peter spent the summer backpacking europe and was leaving shortly to spend a semester in sweden. i had hardly seen him... we had a fun family dinner and wednesday morning we headed to martha's vineyard for a bike, beach and ice-cream trip. mv is a great day trip from the cape and it's such a fun island!!
caleb- sara- pete
before caleb & i left for mv

the boat ride
that's the flying bridge
where we got married on 10/25/2008 :)

ernie boch's llamas...

"i'm ernie boch... come on downnn"

for those of you who DON'T know who ernie boch is... he was a car salesman/dealerships owner, he passed away and the dealerships are still in the family. he has a large house on mv with a helicopter pad and llamas in the front yard.

c&s in front of the llamas
helmets & sunglasses required... ;)

c&s at south beach
warm water, awesome waves and a picnic lunch
fabulous day!!

for my friend ashley ;)
it was great seeing you in missouri
and great seeing you for breakfast in ipswich. xoxo

on the boat ride home
such a fun day!!

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Ashley said...

I love you too Sara! Thanks for including me in your blog! :)