christmas shopping & a talent show

kim and i planned to hang out on dec 22nd since the beginning of november w/caleb, AFTER his studies were completed.

well, dec 22nd rolled around and caleb still had a paper to finish - no celebratory evening w/friends... :(

kim and i decided to keep with our plans of getting together and we went on over to danvers high school to see a talent show. we were there to watch isabelle garcia and her dance team. all i have to say it oh my goodness!!! it was such an amazing show. isabelle and her dance team were phenomenal! it was as though i was watching synchronized swimming on a stage. they were ALL in sync. i was so impressed. it was a high school dance team and they looked as though they could be professionals. granted, i'm no dancing with the stars or so you think you can dance judge, but they were fabulous. isabelle, i totally enjoyed your performance. keep up the good work. please let me know of any future performances!

here's a picture - from my iphone - i know, it's pretty terrible b/c it's from far away...

anyway, after watching the talent show, kim and i headed for some jolly old christmas shopping. i had such a fun time AND i found a gorgeous dress to wear for new year's eve - (big event this year!!! yay Johannes, sooo excited for you and Rebecka)

here's a photo of the newly weds to be...(courtesy of facebook, hope you don't mind J&R - i couldn't find a real good one of both of them, but i will be blogging once their wedding happens!!)

kim bought a few gifts and checked them off her list and i found a fun little present for caleb. then we headed to one particular store in the mall. let me tell you, it was quite the experience. being an individual who works in customer service, i was APALLED at the service. granted, it's christmas and the staff may be overworked AND underpaid... it was none-the-less horrible.
their attire was anything but professional, they were NOT customer service friendly and the employees kept sharing inside jokes with each other as if kim and i weren't there. to top it off, some of them kept letting the f-bomb slip. on the whole i'm not one to use obscenities, maybe in the comfort of my own home w/no one around, but come on peoples!! while WORKING?! if you hate your job so much, then quit, but don't inform the entire store of potential customers you hate your job...
part of me wanted nothing more than to walk out and say, "i'm sorry. this is terrible service and your store is not presenting themselves in a professional fashion" HOWEVER the employees would have probably been pleased had we done that. they're employees, not owners, their livelihood does not depend on the items sold in the store. as long as they show up, work their 8 hr+ shift they will get their paycheck.

after our disturbing experience in that particular store, we left the mall and i dropped kim off at home. we ended up talking in the car for a good 45 minutes. it was great. kim is someone i enjoy talking with and BEING REAL!! haha

why did our conversation have to get going AFTER all the shopping...

anyway... thanks kim for a fun night... i think i'm dead today... sooo tired, but i did get a nice warm shower, so i do feel alive.

for those of you who may not understand the above comment - our furnace blew and the plumbers, electricians, etc were here ALL DAY MONDAY AND TUESDAY. we had NO hot water for TWO DAYS!!!

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Kimmy said...

Oh man, that was QUITE the experience at the store. WOW!! I'm scarred for life! Haha.

And yes, I SO enjoy talking with you as well! It was so awesome, and I feel so comfortable sharing with you!

However... YESS!!! This is day two post late night convo... and I'm STILL dying!! Haha, we're too old to stay up late anymore. Hehehe, I'm dead tired too!!

ps- glad you're hott water got working!