Happy New Year 2010!!!

i can't believe it's twenty ten.

i remember ten years ago when people were nervous about Y2K - computers weren't going to work and the whole world was going to end...

this new year experienced a lot of hype as well... one of my good friends decided to "take the plunge", "tie the knot", "get hitched" - if you will...

johannes met a fabulous woman; they got engaged this past summer and decided upon a winter wedding in siljansnäs, sweden.

the last time i went to a swedish wedding was in 1989 - i was a flower girl in my aunt's wedding and the only thing i remember is my uncle having to change a baby's diaper to prove he could be a good dad... swedes joke A LOT at weddings...

anyway, i wasn't sure what to expect - i was told a LOT of speeches would be given...

the wedding ceremony was different than in the states, no bridesmaids, no groomsmen, no flower girls or ringbearer... they didn't allow ANY pictures to be taken during the ceremony, except by the photographer... this was a bummer for me b/c i have inherited a love for photography...

the ceremony took place at 6pm in the Siljansnäs Kyrka. there were candles everywhere, and white snow blanketed the outside world. it was breathtaking.

after the ceremony, the guests formed two lines and sparklers were handed out; we lit them as the couple headed out of the church to their get-a-way car, an old Volvo, quite classy

the reception was held at a restaurant at the top of Björkberget.
here's how the table was set and some of the decorations. it looked simple, classy and elegant. it was perfect for a mountaintop winter wedding.

the dessert :) yum - it was a mix between ice-cream and pudding - delish!

similar to the states, there was a table where presents could be left.
the theme for the presents was silver and gold.

a picture of Lucinha (Johannes' sister-in-law) and me. she's from brazil; she's friendly and beautiful. i love getting together with her! :)

my favorite parents :) unfortunately, my other (better?) half wasn't able to attend... he had school (he's going for his master's) and work... so i attended solo

ps- thanks for the dress advice kimmy :) i received quite a few compliments ;)

after appetizers, dinner, and dessert we went outside to ring in the new year :)
there was a beautiful fireworks display... more on that later.

at a swedish wedding, many people give speeches in honor of the bride and groom. i gave a speech, half english, half swedish. it was caught on video, so when i get back from the states, hopefully i'll be able to post it here (the internet connection is a little slow).

the wedding ended with a fun choreographed dance put together by johannes & rebecka's friends. it lasted until 3am - the longest wedding i've ever attended...

happy new year 2010!!!


Douglas MacDonald, CPCU, CIC, CRM said...

Nice Job Sara! You should have been a reporter ;)

Lani Giguere said...

Thank you for posting this. The pictures are awesome. They make me want to step right into them.

I agree with your dad, your blog is very well written.

Caleb said...

Sara, These Pictures look great!! Looks like it has been beautiful there in Sweden.I love the close ups and the one of the church!

Kimmy said...

You are welcome, you looked amazing!!