a few months ago i decided to try my hand at yoga...

(image courtesy of googles images)

i had been wanting to get involved, but couldn't find a good place.

i went for a run one morning and ran by a house that advertised yoga. i took a brochure and stuck it in my shorts (hey, i was interested and desperate times call for desperate measures...)

when i got home, i took a closer look at the brochure and i could NOT believe my eyes!

yoga, monday evenings, 7:30pm, FREE

does it get any better than that?!

it took a few more weeks before i had a free monday evening.

i went in my old navy "yoga pants". i have to play the part, right?

it was the most relaxing, fabulous exercise i have experienced. i was hooked.
most mondays, i end up here - to relieve my body of the day's stress, exercise, and enjoy some "me" time that's really good for me.

if you have never tried yoga, i encourage you to try it out. it's a most wondrous exercise and way to relax your muscles.

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Shannon said...

I want to visit on a Monday just so we can Yoga together! There is a great yoga place by me, but when I moved across Capitol Hill...it moved the other way. (sad) So I never go because it is not convenient. (and I am lazy)