oh baby!

c & i found out i am pregnant as you saw from the previous post...
here's a little bit i wrote after a visit with the midwife

written: march 19, 2010

so to answer questions:

yes, it was a surprise, and we are both so excited.
today was my second visit to the midwife (yes, i'm going to use a midwife at the hospital, if necessary, we have a doctor on call).

the first visit went well and they gave me a due date of 9/25/10.

well, today i had an ultrasound... and it turns out i'm not as far along as expected... my due date is now 10/4/10 (as in roger that, 10-4... hahaha, cheesy, i know). who knows when baby alpine will decide to make an appearance though... you never know...

yes, our nickname for our baby is alpine, it's an inside joke b/w caleb and me - we were hiking (surprise, surprise) and we joked about names for pets & kids and how celebrities are naming their kids all kinds of strange names... (no, we won't name baby alpine ALPINE upon birth)

this is my first baby... and i wasn't quite sure what to expect. at the ultrasound baby alpine was moving his/her legs & arms like crazy... i guess it's in the genes!! haha

below is my favorite picture!

it's a little profile picture. i was slightly concerned about recognizing my child in utero... i remember a "friends" episode where rachel & ross go to the ultrasound. the doctor points out her baby and rachel nods her head that it's beautiful... the doctor leaves the room and rachel bawls to ross and says she can't see her baby... he finds the baby... it cracked me up...
i tried to find a link... but, couldn't find it on youtube.

anyway, that's kind of how i was picturing our ultrasound to go... happy to say, baby alpine cooperated and we were able to get a beautiful profile picture. woo hoo!

after the ultrasound, we went to my regularly scheduled appointment and heard the heartbeat for the first time! it was unreal!!! 162 bpm

so, everything looks good, healthy and it's real now... we're definitely having a baby!


Por2gee said...

Thats so amazing Sara!!!! Congradulations!!! All these new pregnancies make me want another one soooo bad, but thats not gonna happen for us for another 5 years :-P Its truely an amazing expirience, enjoy it, bc it may not seem like it now, but it does fly by! My word of advice, stay away from those baby shows bc I watched them relgiously and felt bad when my birth didn't go like the ones on tv, and I felt like I did it wrong. And I am so pumped you're using a mid wife!! The US is obsessed with Dr's delivering when all they really do is catch the baby, while safety is obviously #1 you don't have to believe all the hype surrounding midwifery, it really makes for a much greater birthing expirience in my opinion :) God Bless and I hope everything goes fabulously!!!

StephaniƩ Lindol said...

Grattis Sara!:D