bedside manner, birthing and BABIES

this is a partial vent...

but i'll end on a positive note, i promise...

today i went to my scheduled MIDWIFE appointment... i've been using essex county ob/gyn and so far my experience was PHENOMENAL!! well, today, the midwife i met w/was MISERABLE... terrible "bedside manner". typically i go to my appointment and the midwife comes in, introduces herself (if i haven't met her before - there are 7 so i have yet to meet ALL of them) asks how i'm feeling, how i'm doing, do i have any questions, etc... we talk for a little while, then she'll say, ok, let's check the heartbeat and will proceed to check the heartbeat...

nope, not today... the midwife comes in abruptly, says a brief hello, pushes me down on the table, lifts up my shirt and is about to listen to the heartbeat... i was in shock! no introduction, no asking how i'm doing, no asking what i have for questions...

i'm glad i can be assertive. i sat up and said, wait, can we discuss any questions i may have? the bummer was at that point i was flustered, i should have finished the appointment ASAP and left. alas, i didn't.
i started feeling emotional (i'm more prone to that these days w/all the hormones) and asked her a few questions. she was even rude in answering my questions, BUT the BEST news i heard all day was "i don't deliver."

i thought i misheard and asked her to repeat. "i don't deliver." fantastic, i thought, i'll NEVER have to have her at the hospital, where it really counts... relief!
i promised more promising news
and i USUALLY keep good on my promises...
see this picture

it's brooke, my sister-in-law, my nephew danny, little alpine and me

{Brooke, Danny, Alpine, Sara}
i'm so excited that they (danny & alpine) will be soooo close in age!!
{Danny & Alpine meet}
brooke's going in for a c-section tomorrow and i'll get to meet little danny in person. woohoo!!!
my due date is 10-4-10 - only 5 weeks after danny is born :)
caleb and i are headed out to western mass to meet danny, spend some time w/family and babysit for these adorable nieces - Julia and Hannah - who are going to be big sisters :)
{Julia cheesing it up}
{Julia & Aunt Sara ie me enjoying ICECREAM}
{Hannah cheesing it up OR being annoyed w/her aunt for taking a bajillion pics!}
{Hannah - the goofball}
{Hannah being well, Hannah}
yay for BABIES!!! and sisters who can experience this together. brooke is awesome!! she's been through pregnancy and  babies two times before, so she's a pro and has been giving me all kinds of good advice. and we have been able to commiserate about braxton hicks, hiccups and baby kicks!

{Brooke & Sara}
{Brooke & Sara}
can't believe our OWN due date is coming up... 5 weeks away...

{hubster, alpine and me}


Shannon said...

First, I love that you are posting so frequently these.

Second, HOW RUDE! You are so right, thankfully you wont have to deal with her at the hospital.

Hooray for babies being born in the next few days, weeks, months... :-)

sara linnéa said...

thanks shannon :)
hope your appt experiences go well ;)
hooray for babies!!!!