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happy birthday!

the younger days

learning how to play the piano...

boating on cape cod

gordon - may 2002

valentine's day 2005

my birthday dinner 2006 - being goofy

summer 2006 on the bike path

my birthday dinner 2007


I love you. You are the best dad a girl could every ask for... Thanks for all you've done and continue to do for me... I don't have any "old" pictures to post... maybe I can scrounge up a few at a later date...

Thanks for the memories...
  • Playing with us kids: biking, soccer, kick the can, croquet, baseball, basketball... you always made time for us
  • Going to Dairy Queen in the summer and walking along Falmouth Harbor - Introducing me to my love of ice-cream
  • Building us a sandbox and kick butt swing-set (hope you'll put up some swings for Baby Alpine, hint hint)
  • Turning our basement into an awesome playroom at Brigantine
  • Sending us kids to Sweden many many many summers to spend time with family and enjoy the land of the midnight sun
  • Taking us on numerous trips to Florida
  • Driving to Florida b/c we begged you to drive
  • Buying us quality snorkeling gear inspiring my love for the ocean
  • Taking on snorkeling trips in Boca and the Keys
  • Taking us skiing... oh how I love to hit the slopes
  • Teaching me that life is short and I need to enjoy it... take in the views
  • Not accepting that your daughter is a better, faster skier than you and continue to race her every chance you get...
  • Building a bigger house for us kids so we could all have our own bedroom
  • Letting me get first pick of the bedrooms
  • Sending me to Ecuador to visit my aunt, uncle and cousins, FIRST CLASS
  • Sending me to Sweden for a year in High School
  • Supporting me at my sporting events
  • Putting me through college
  • Hiking up and skiing down Tuckerman's Ravine
  • Introducing me to hiking... which I LOVE!!
  • Taking the family to Maine many summers - spending time boating, wake-boarding, tubing, swimming, eating ice-cream and relaxing on the porch
  • Family bike trips to the Vineyard in the summer
  • Teaching me how to grill meat the right way ;) medium rare
  • Introducing me to sushi in Homeport... :)
  • Introducing me to "fine dining" at the Regatta
  • Introducing me to golfing & making me take golfing lessons b/c you never had the chance, you wanted your kids to have a chance
  • Providing a summer job for me - it was a constant learning experience
  • Teaching me about good customer service: answer the phone w/a smile - among others
  • NOT letting me work for you once I graduated college
  • Giving me the opportunity to work for you once I had JOB EXPERIENCE in the working world
  • Marrying Caleb and me - that was super special :)
  • Allowing me to work from a home office once I got married
  • Providing a company car to drive to and from work (I work 3 days from home and 2 days in the office)
  • Going to swimming with me at Chappy
  • Inspiring me to run the Falmouth Road Race... I've ran it 3 or 4 times and I would gladly run it this year, but the belly hinders me :)
  • Encouraging me to be wise with my money - live responsibly
  • Encouraging me to think outside the box
  • Making me write goals :)
  • Telling me it's VITAL to NEVER stop learning - which I witnessed as you were determined to learn how to play the piano at age 42 - you bought a piano and took lessons... 10 years later you are playing on the worship team at church and doing a great job :)
  • Teaching me about Jesus
  • Your love and respect for your faith
Dad, there are oh so many memories I have and the list above does not begin to express them. Thanks for all the memories. Thanks for the educational moments. I wouldn't be the person I am today if it weren't for you.

maine 2006

norway/sweden 2006


Douglas MacDonald, CPCU, CIC, CRM said...


That was a very, thoughtful birthday gift. You brought back for the moment so many memories and things I had forgotten. You are a wonderful and beautiful daughter. Thank you.

With Much Love Dad :)

maria said...

Sara, You are so sweet, creative, and loving. Dad's B-day blog is very thoughtful and meaningful. MOM