sara's kitchen faves - numero cinco

it's summer time...

and with summer comes...

so, my one of my kitchen faves and staples is:

this is no ordinary scoop, it's a ZEROLL scoop, you know, the kind used by professional ice-cream scoopers.
go ahead, next time you order ice-cream at a little ice-cream shop, check to see what they're using.

i GUARANTEE you will see they have the same scoop.

it rocks. well, actually it scoops and it's easy to use.
i love it. i use it. a lot.
we don't have to go into detail how often i exercise my zeroll scoop.
especially now that it's summer i'm pregnant.
for those of you who know me, i LOVVVVVEEEEEE ice-cream.
for those of you who don't know me, now you know, i LOOOOVVVVVEEEEE ice-cream.
kinda like a fat kid loves cake.
but maybe a little more.

so a professional ice-cream scoop was is a necessity for me.

and maybe one of these days, i'll get invest one of these:
it's a gelato paddle, for those italian gelato lovers (i'm part of the club)...
and i'm sure it'll come in handy scooping ice-cream too...
but i already have an ice-cream scoop, so i can use this for gelato, when i'm in italy, or dreaming of italy.

one summer, i travelled to italy with some girlfriends
and we consumed gelato on a daily basis
and sometimes more than once

the end.

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Caleb said...

so... tell me again, do you or do you not like ice cream???