the beginning...

so, our story of how sam came into this world is a little wild so i decided to share it... it's going to be a 2 or 3 part series because it'll take a little while... and to keep all my many readers (hah) in suspense.

as i posted previously, we moved on september 11.
wednesday, september 15 i came home from working on the cape. i came home to boxes upon boxes. our apartment was chaos. i remember thinking, ugh, i just want to be organized before this child arrives and causes MORE chaos...
From top left: living room; kitchen; kitchen; Bedroom 1; Bedroom 1; Bedroom 1; Bedroom 2; Bedroom 2; Living Room; Center: view from living room into kitchen w/a VERY preggo Sara
i pulled his carseat out of the box to make sure all the parts were there and everything looked good and showed it to caleb. i joked about how our apartment is going to have many baby things. caleb refers to this as my "nesting phase", pulling the carseat out of the box. i wanted to wring his neck when he makes comments like this. he laughs and does it on purpose because i get annoyed. lol. i strongly dislike HATE when people make comments to me about "nesting". i am not a bird... just because i moved into a new apartment and want things organized does not mean i'm nesting. that is just human sara to want things organized and a place for everything...

wednesday, september 15, 2010
anyway, i crawl into bed that night thinking about:
  • all the tasks yet to complete for work BEFORE baby alpine is born
  • comcast is incompetent because it has been almost a WEEK since i requested a transfer from ipswich to hamilton and they still haven't completed the transfer
  • all the boxes to unpack and organize - preferably before alpine is born
thursday, september 16, 2010
i didn't sleep well and chalked it up to pregnancy insomnia. i couldn't sleep past 5am. i decided to make use of my bathtub and soak in it before work. i roll out of bed, a difficult task at this stage of pregnancy, pad down the hall to the bathroom and fill the tub with water and bath salts. i slide into the tub to relax. heaven. well, almost. for a moment i forget i'm pregnant. caleb knocks on the door and asks if everything's alright... of course it is, i'm just relaxing in the tub. he tells me it's almost 8 o'clock. shoot. i have to go to work.

i drag myself out of the tub and get ready for work. i set up my computer and organize my desk in my home office. i contact comcast to ensure they are coming today to set up my work phone and internet. they are set to arrive at 12 noon. a friend of mine lets me borrow her wireless internet connection until comcast arrives so i can work. my brother peter calls from sweden (on skype) so i skype with him for a few minutes so he can see my belly (he's been traveling since june and won't be home until the end of december). his comment "wow. you are for sure pregnant." i hang up with him; get caught up on emails and continue working through my "to do" list. around 11:30 comcast calls to say they'll be their shortly and it will take 3 hours to set up. i tell them i have an appointment at 1:20pm and will have to leave by 1pm. they say it's better to reschedule and they will come over at 3pm. i relent still upset over the whole comcast process.

37 weeks - picture taken 3 days earlier
i have lunch and head to my appointment with the midwife. i ask her if she wants to check me to see if i'm dilated or effaced. she says she won't put me through that and we will wait until next week's appointment. we listen to baby alpine's heartbeat and i proceed to ask her many questions about labor & delivery, the hospital, etc. she said since it's my first baby i'll probably go late... but she answers my questions.

37 weeks pregnant
i leave the ob/gyn office and run a quick errand to target and go home to meet the comcast guys. i get back to the apartment and comcast shows up shortly thereafter. i have to rearrange a few cords and computer stuff under the desk - quite the task for a pregnant woman... as i'm crouched under my desk i feel a strange feelling... i stand up and it feels like i wet my pants! now i'm 37 weeks 3 days pregnant and didn't think i would be going into labor anytime soon...


Kim said...

This IS leaving me in suspense!!!! When does the next one come?!?

Kim said...

Oh also... Clark reffers to me as "the apartment Nazi"... Apparently he thinks I'm in nesting mode as well... It's so annoying tho! I just want my house to be organized and clean!!