i have a new found respect for working moms, stay at home moms, homeschooling moms, alllllll moms... being a mom is HARD work.
this week's round-up...
  • sam spit up down my shirt
  • sam peed like a fountain... on the rug, on his changing pad, on his face, in the tub
  • sam pooped while taking a bath
  • sam had to wait for me to feed him... which resulted in many tears, mostly from sam
  • waking up early to feed sam and not being able to go back to sleep which turned into: doing the dishes, eating breakfast (often happens LATE or never b/c i'm taking care of sam), reading my bible
  • because sam woke up early, he had a nap and i had time to: shower, work, clean, unpack more boxes
but i can say, now that my life and schedule has changed, i love it even more.
i love...
  • sam sleeping on my chest
  • sam's heavy breathing when he sleeps
  • when sam snuggles up to me
  • dancing with sam
  • singing with sam - he loves him some music
  • bathtime with sam
  • reading with sam
  • his smiles and talking
  • his interactions w/his dad
  • and i could probably come up with a hundred more reasons... but i won't.
i am happy to say i have found more time and less sleep and can still function. i don't know how it happened.

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