My last post was a tribute to hockey. Last night was another game and it was intense! The game is such an amazing sport. It is such a rush to be out on the ice. However, I do have a complaint. Last night I scored a goal which would give us a 1 point lead. Yay! The ref saw things differently from his point of view. He didn't agree with the goal. He said he blew his whistle before my stick hit the puck. Well, after that, the other team came back and scored with 1 minute and 30 seconds left. My shift was over and I was not happy. They had a 1 point lead and we had 1 and a half minutes to tie the game. My coach saw the intensity on my face and sent me out to use the intensity to our team's advantage for the last 48 seconds. My team had a chance to score, but we missed. The puck was smacked to the middle of the ice. I was against the defender and I was ON the puck. The defender shoved me into the boards, but I wouldn't give. Since I am new to the sport, I didn't realize she shoved me into the boards to waste time. She knew I was a young player and would use my ferocity to combat the boards - with the boards winning. The bell rang and the game was over. Not quite as satisfying as games in the past, however the ache in my shoulder is testimony to the ferocity with which I played in the last couple of minutes. Tuesday- back on the ice to get some practice and learn a few pointers. Next post won't be about hockey, unless I am inspired again. :)

On another note, I went to the Ski and Snowsports Expo and I got psyched for the ski season which is pretty much here. :) I can't wait to buckle my boots, and snap into my skis and cruise down the slopes. Hopefully I can also have time to hit the slopes on my board a few times as well. :)


Peter said...

I love you Sara!
Love, Peter ;)

Anonymous said...

Hej Sara!
jag vet inte riktigt vad blogg är. Men det var kul att läsa om vad du gör? Är du inte rädd att skada dig när du spelar hockey?
Stina Pettersson