morning rollerblade

{image courtesy of google images}

earlier in the week i got up early and decided to go for a little rollerblade...

yup, you heard right... rollerblade... this 8 month preggo woman decided it would be nice to lace up her blades and hit the street.

let me tell you... it was AMAZING! i enjoy running, but running at 8 months pregnant is a little LOT difficult. so, i pulled out my rollerblades, turned on my ipod and hit the road.

it was so refreshing. i didn't feel large and pregnant. i felt light and fast. i rollerbladed a few miles; it was nice to get out there and go fast. it's a great feeling to exercise in the morning and get that boost of energy and get those positive endorphins flowing ;)

{image courtesy of hovey}

the above picture is along my rollerblade route...

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Lani Giguere said...

I can image how good that must have felt. Slowing down when you are pregnant or even sick makes you feel stagnant and sluggish.
I have seen other pregnant woman roller blading. Woman are doing more throughout their pregnancies than woman used to do. As long as the activity is something you are used to, go for it.