saft: a swedish adventure in the states

earlier in the week i posted about saft
now, i'll detail a little about making it...
first of all - saft is a DEEEEELICIOUS drink you can buy in sweden, and at ikea, but not online, only in the ikea store...
anyway, my mormor is awesome and she makes it from scratch - raspberry, strawberry, black currant, etc
one day i went to russell orchards and decided to pick strawberries... mmm... they were so yummy. i had so many strawberries on hand, i decided to eat some, freeze some and make saft out of some.
google translate says saft = juice - but it's so much more...
basically you use the juice from berries, boil it with sugar to make a concentrated liquid and store it. then when you're ready to drink, you pour a little saft into a glass and mix with water... voila, delicious, refreshing drink :)
here's a photo montage of my attempt. it turned out OK, but it's best to mix berries (strawberries and blueberries, or raspberries, etc) and i added TOO MUCH sugar (who would have thought?)

{first, pick berries and decide which ones you want to use}
 i separated mine into eat this week now, freeze and make into saft ;)

{weigh your strawberries}
this is necessary to ensure you have the right amount of other ingredients
{wash your strawberries}
{slice off the green part}  

{weigh the strawberries again, just in case}

{add water}
{boil strawberries in the water, stirring occasionally - approx 10 min}

{use the spoon to crush the strawberries on the edge of the pot to get all the juiciness out}
{i put a strainer in a bowl for this next part}
{put a cheesecloth in the strainer - this is for straining the berries from the liquid}
{pour the boiled berries into the cheesecloth and let the liquid drain into the bowl}
{let it sit for a 30 minutes to ensure all liquid is in the bowl and not in the cheesecloth}
{pour into a measuring container - i used a glass pyrex one - woo hoo! 500ml}
{pour the liquid BACK into the pot on the stove}
{add the sugar - this is what makes it tasty, stir until the sugar has dissolved}
{cook until it comes to a boil}
{towards the end, this is what you should see}
{there's "skumm" - swedish for foam - you don't want it - so take it off with a spoon}
{it's yummy though - strawberry sugary - mmm}
{i set mine on a plate - and then ate it} :)
{pour non skumm liquid into a container so you can pour into bottles; it's easier w/a funnel which i did not have}
{clean the bottles you're using - i baked mine in the oven, but you can also boil them}
{pour liquid into WARM clean bottles, put on the cap and let cool}    

saft should be stored at a cool temperature (fridge, basement, etc)

when you're ready to drink, pour some saft into a glass and add water to taste. i don't know how what the saft to water ratio is... i just go by what tastes good...

for those of you who want to try it, here's the recipe i used:

Strawberry Saft
(500 ml of saft or approx 2 cups):
500 grams strawberries
2 deciliters water (a little more than 3/4 cup or 200 ml)
3 deciliters sugar (1 1/4 cup or 300 ml)

note: it should be consumed within a few weeks, if not, some type of preservative should be added - i don't mess with that, i just drink it!

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Shannon said...


This looks amazing! I wish I lived closer to you so I could come try some...

Where did you get the bottles you use to store the Saft?