day 1

lately i've been feeling discombobulated, unorganized and cluttered. it's probably due to moving and having a baby so close together. i have hospital bills, baby clothes, baby books, magazines, regular bills, work stuff (i work from home), wrapping paper, diapers, and other stuff in one room! it's overwhelming. i want to re-organize my life, so over the next 30 days, i'm going to post ONE tip per day to getting organized and if i did it! i'll try to include images - either google or from my apartment. these tips are taken from the November 2007 issue of Self magazine (yeah, yeah, i have OLD magazines too). here goes!
30 days to getting organized - paraphrased from self magazine nov 2007

make your bed! it's a quick way to make your bedroom peaceful and presentable.
when you walk into a room with a bed made, it looks neat and tidy, even if there are cluttered pieces nearby.
i use a washable duvet cover and have for years. it's something i loved while vacationing and living in Sweden, so i have amassed a collection of duvet covers. it's a fun way to switch up the decor of your room without spending an arm and a leg. they also make it EASY to make your bed in the morning. no sheets to fumble with, just straighten your duvet covet, fluff the pillows and you're done. ikea and crate & barrel have some great options. ikea is obviously for the tighter wallet and c&b a little pricier. if you're not sure a duvet is for you, pick one up at ikea for less than $30 to test it out.
{google images - can't remember - woops}
yes, i did make my bed today... i make my bed everyday because i LOVE crawling into a made bed at the end of a long day!

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