day 2

follow the 20 minute rule.
i posted something similar to this a little while ago.

instead of waiting for a long weekend to get your life organized, straighten your stuff in doable time frames. take 20 minutes to sort through the pile of mail, fold the clean pile of laundry, organize your linen closet, or put away baby clothes your baby has outgrown (in my case).
i like to keep a bag in my closet and if i notice i'm not wearing something for a while, it'll go into the bag to give away. i also keep a bag in my baby son's closet and once he's outgrown an item, it goes into the bag. once the bag is full, it is put into a bin and saved for future kiddos.
we had three boxes and one american eagle bag filled with stuff in a corner of our living room. i wanted to GET rid of the clutter, so i sorted the boxes and bag, threw out a BUNCH of stuff, donated some stuff and put the consolidated items in two crates to bring down to storage. i feel like we have a clean corner. that wasn't as bad as i expected!

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Caleb said...

Yeah!!! That is what I do with the dishes!!