sam and the glass

so i told caleb i was against the sippy cup. no real reason, i just thought it was silly to use a sippy cup and i didn't want a bunch of plastic cups taking over our cabinets. i told him we would start sam with a regular cup.  and so i gave him a coke glass, which he found amusing... and dropped on the floor. i let him explore further... which you'll see in the pictures. ridiculous i know.
these make me smile.
thanks caleb for documenting :)
love you. and sam.

giving him water in his "coke" glass

a little love for baby sam

love how his mouth looks like the Joker!

mom, oops. i dropped it. can we get it? pretty please?

sam goes after the glass...

getting closer

he got it.

dad, dad, i got the glass!

but woops, it's stuck...

who? me?

ok, i've lost interest in the glass... let's move on to the highchair!

hi dad! do you have to document EVERYTHING?

ok. well, i guess i'll look happy.

mmm... tasty high chair.

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kirstenariel said...

These pictures are funny! I let him drink out of a glass when we were at Uncle Paul's for the Grandparents anniversary!