a working stay-at-home mom... is there such a thing? well, that's me.
before sam was born, i worked from a home office. last march i had the opportunity to become the controller for my company. i decided to take the position, after disclosing to my boss that i was pregnant to make sure he didn't want to change his mind. the new position required i travel to the main office on cape cod two days a week. i accepted the challenge.
caleb and i had our lives turned upside down in a matter of months...
  • we find out i'm pregnant
  • i get a new job, travel required
  • caleb's working 25-40 hrs per week at REI
  • caleb's going to school full-time for his master's degree
  • we find out our landlord is selling their house... we need to MOVE! (which was obvious with a baby on the way anyway)
there was so much more going on in the background... but i won't bore you with it. after sam was born, caleb and i knew i had to go back to work - which as a mom is struggle. i love baby sam and would LOVE to stay home with him ALL the time, but i love my job - which is a career. sure it can be stressful, difficult, hard, and so forth, but my job is so rewarding. how can i give up what i love doing? well, i can't, because i have a husband in school... so therefore, hi ho hi ho back to work i go.
since my position was a "work from a home office" type of position i was "lucky" enough to be able to work from my home office once sam was born.
now i travel to the main office every other week and i'm in the office for 3 days. the travel is difficult, but sam gets to spend time with his grandma (my mom watches him while i'm in the office), i get to work in the office, and i get a break from 24/7 sam. don't get me wrong, i LOVE him and am so  happy i'm his mom. but moms need a break... so they don't lose their marbles...
well, the rest of the time i work from a home office. i have to say, i'm lucky to not have to put sam in daycare, i'm lucky i could exclusively nurse for the first 6 months and not really worry about pumping (nursing moms know what i mean). i have a love/hate relationship with my pump. i'm so thankful for it... but ugh. just think about it... it's like "hello, my name is sara, and i'm a cow..." not exciting. not comfortable. but for sam, i do it because sam means the world to me. i love him unconditionally, most of the time ;)
so, i work from a home office, with a 6 month old. it has been difficult, challenging, rewarding, fun. sam is such a great little person. he's so happy most of the time. so no complaints in that department.
here's a quick synopsis of sam:
7am: wakes up and talks to himself for 30 minutes (i shower, eat breakfast, get ready for the day)
7:30am: go get sam and he's so happy to see me. breakfast for sam, get him ready for the day
8am: work begins, and sam hangs out on the floor or in the exersaucer (or w/caleb ie dad if he's not in class)
9am: sam goes down for a nap, literally, i put him in his crib and he goes to sleep, i continue to work
11am: sam wakes up and eats, he plays on the floor or in the exersaucer
1pm: i break for lunch; sam & i sit at the kitchen table and talk about the day
2pm: another nap for sam, i continue to work
3-5pm: sam wakes up, eats, and plays, i work
4-6pm: i take sam for a walk (no not for 2 hours, at some point from 4-6pm depending when he wakes up)
5-6pm: finish work
7pm: dinner
8pm: sam's in bed - for the night

now i know i won't have this schedule forever, but as a working from a home office stay at home mom... it works for now. and i have to take it day by day. sure life brings you curves balls, but you bring your bat and your A game and somehow at the end of the day, you've gotten it done. i'm so thankful for life right now.

disclaimer: for all three of you who read this blog... i'm terrible at keeping a babybook, so i blog, and then i can look back and see how life was. and since before this week, i hadn't posted since december, i guess i'm terrible at blogging on a regular basis too... but i'm cutting myself some slack since there are only 24  hrs in a day... and during non work time i want to spend with caleb & sam and not sit in front of a computer...

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Interesting to hear about your life...