Swimming & Peyton's First Birthday

Saturday was an eventful day.
Sam and I went to morning "swim lessons" - basically mommy & me swimming. Sam LOVES it. This past Saturday Katharine came with us and took Sam in the pool and I got a photo op. Here are a few highlights with Sam sporting his suit from his grandpa & grandma Mac. Thanks Katharine for swimming w/Sam and letting me take a bunch of pics :)
in the pool with Katharine
reaching for the ducky

showing the teacher i can grab the ducky
excited to jump off the edge

Saturday afternoon Sam and I loaded up the car (well, I did, Sam watched) and drove out to the middle of Massachusetts and then some to visit my friend Megan and celebrate her daughter Peyton's first birthday party. It was such a good time and Sam LOVED hanging out with all the kids.

addi checking out sam and sam checking out the balloon above her head

birthday girl!
sam's favorite toy

patiently waiting for cupcakes

happy birthday peyty!
lovin me some cupcake!

mom & dad with the birthday girl - excuse the poor lighting...
big sister addi
dr. drew

party hats

lovin me some paper, #iowntkerrrifitspink
sun hat
ready to hula hoop :)
Sam was so good. he played with the toys, hung out with the kiddos and even got crawled over... which we caught on camera and yes i was the mean mom who let it happen so we could get the great film clip.

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Judy said...

Great pics Sara! It wa alot of fun spending time with you and Sam!