feeding sam

Have you ever researched baby equipment? Seriously, there is A TON of stuff out there!!

Anyway, you walk into any baby store and you are inundated with "the best" baby equipment. How do you know what to purchase? How do you know if the baby gear is going to work with your life style? How do you know if your baby is going to like it?

This post is dedicated to feeding Sam... you know, what we use to feed him... aside from the boob part. I won't talk about that. That falls under TMI. Or does it?

When we found out I was pregnant, I started researching all types of baby products. One of the things I WANTED to have, HAD to HAVE was a Scandinavian style high chair. If you've read previous posts, heck if you've read the title you catch a glimpse into my life. I LOVE Sweden and I appreciate the Swedish style.

Growing up visiting Sweden I recall a few things about babies in Sweden.
1) They have hot strollers. Seriously, have you seen the Emmaljunga? Talk about stroller lust. Well, emma was a tad above our price range and I didn't find any good craigslist finds, so I chose another stroller. More on that later.

2) They have modern, awesome high chairs. Practical. Clean lines. Pretty. Ikea sells a neat one, but my high chair lust was the Tripp Trapp by Stokke.
a) It's expensive (this usually happens with things I want)
b) It's wooden (read: easy to clean)
c) It can hold a 300 lb baby (you never know, we may reproduce fat children, kidding)
I tried to sell Caleb on it because it can hold a 300 lb baby. I meant to say 300 lb person. I'll never live that down. Basically it converts into a REGULAR chair for REGULAR adults.
Anyway. I didn't want an ugly big plastic high chair. We don't have space for a high chair. I looked into the highchairs that attach to chairs. I didn't want that either. I didn't like it, plus I didn't want to use one of our chairs for Sam. I wanted him to have his own. I know, you can call me a baby gear snob. It's probably true. I like the Tripp Trapp because it pulls up to our table. So, Caleb agreed we could get it. Then these lovely people (Sam's grandparents) bought it for Sam for Christmas.

They are amazing. I know. Sam knows. So, we got the chair delivered, put it together and Sam loves it.
So do we. It fits our lifestyle. It fits Sam. It's pretty. It works. To each his own.
note: We have had a Chicco high chair on the Cape when I work there and my mom watches Sam. I liked it, but she didn't. She bought a Tripp Trapp for Sam to use when he visits. She's Swedish. She likes Swedish things. Maybe she rubbed off on me.

A few complimentary pics of Baby Sam in his high chair. (sorry, I didn't take time to edit the red eye!)
  • Brings your child to the table with you
  • Grows with your child
  • Easy to clean
  • Modern looking
  • Ergonomic for baby
  • Doesn't take up a lot of space
  • Doesn't sit on a chair so said chair can be used for an adult
  • Easy to put together 
  • It lasts longer than a standard highchair (ie no booster seat needed)

  • No tray - Sam likes to brush food off the table
  • Straps look tricky to use
  • Expensive compared to a standard highchair

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Charlotte said...

love your blog post on Tripp Trapp and Sam is adorable in it. Full disclosure, I work for Stokke in the US, couldn't agree more with your assessment, the Tripp Trapp is just right.