love story part 1 (of many)

it all began on march 21 2006... well actually it didn't. maybe i should rewind even farther...

it all began may 2001. yep, that's going wayyyyy back. like mariah carey, and backstreet boys, and spice girls... well not that far back... ok back to my story.

I was going to go to UMass Amherst. I was accepted into their Isenberg School of Management (a good school). I toured UMass, felt it was a good school and I was excited about their business program. I had dreams people, dreams of touring the world, speaking many languages, becoming an ambassador, or some other important person.

For some reason I took my time sending in the deposit for school. One morning in May I woke up and told my parents, "I have to go to Gordon College." At that time I didn't know why, but I KNEW I HAD to go to Gordon. It's funny because I was so set on UMass Amherst. My parents were both shocked. My mom told me to take the morning off from school to pray about it. I told her it didn't matter, I already knew I had to go to Gordon. The deposit to hold my spot was due the next day, so my dad took charge did what any dad would do, called Gordon and told them what was up explained the situation and told them the money was in the mail.

I then went about my business finishing my senior year, you know, Prom, Senior banquet, senior week, parties, hanging out w/my boyfriend (what?), you know, all the fun stuff... I worked during the summer and at the end of the summer had our pastor and his wife over for dinner. You may or may not know them, Guy & Tana Milller. They were new. I told them I was headed to Gordon and they kept telling me I had to check out Calvary Christian Church. Tana said I HAD to meet the cute youth pastor. Youth pastor? Heck no! My boyfriend and I had recently broken up. I was a single woman, hear me roar. I don't need no stinkin' boyfriend. I told her that too... So, I forgot what Tana said, packed up my belongings and headed to Gordon for my first year in college in the town of Wenham.

Wait, you want to know about my boyfriend? Well, we parted ways before the summer ended. It was sad, heart-breaking actually, but it's ok. Everyone experiences at least one heart-break, right? Right? No? Well, consider yourself lucky.

So, I arrive at Gordon and move into Wood (Wood Is Good!!) Seriously, OLDEST dorm on campus! I settled in and started enjoying the college life: class, reading, lectures, Singing Beach, friends, late night dance parties.

I meet a boy who says he likes me. He's cute. We talk. He has a jeep. He's fun to hang out with...
(to be continued)

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